Photographing Deconstructed Pesto Insalata Caprese

tomatoes, mozzarella, insalata caprese, basil, pesto, garlic, pine nuts, Pancetta, heirloom, photography. tips, food, recipe, stylingSay what?  Are my eyes really seeing what they see?  Does that sign say ‘Heirloom Tomatoes’?  It’s the middle of winter…must be a mistake.  But they look like heirloom tomatoes.  They have variegated colors and bumpy exteriors, they must be heirlooms.

Imported from Mexico….ahhh, that’s right, not every place in the world right now has two feet of snow.  I just couldn’t resist taking home a little bit of someone else’s better weather conditions into my own home.  Everyone deserves a reprise, and since a vaca to Hawaii is not in my near future, these tomatoes will have to do.

Plus they give me the perfect opportunity to discuss a little food photography.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide how to photograph food.  Picking out all the accessories is fun, but shooting food in a unique and different way, well…it’s difficult.

I knew that I wanted to keep my recipe very simple to highlight my wonderful tomatoes.  I also thought they might look beautiful just shot by themselves.  I put them in a gorgeous bamboo bowl and set them down on my hardwood floors, a nice tone on tone look so you only notice the tomatoes….that is until you get photo bombed by Summer (the dog).



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