Coffee and Hibiscus Ribs

Coffee and Hibiscus Ribs©RhondaAdkinsPhotography2015-7I’ve turned into such an inconsistent blogger, my life has been railroaded with a platter full of work and activities.  After retiring from the Air Force I was trying to find my way, I loved food, any thing and everything to do with food.  So I blogged, then went to photography school, then volunteered as a board member of our community gardens (now I’m the President), got involved with a downtown business women’s group (that has done amazing things), started a cafe, stopped a cafe and took over a cooking school…oh yeah and I shoot and write food articles for magazines.   I don’t make much but I love what I do, after all, everything has to do with food one way or another, except that I just don’t have time…

That is my lead into and poor excuse(s) for not having my Secret Recipe Club post up in time.  I can’t believed

I orphaned someone.  I’ve been doing SRC almost since it’s beginning, it’s the one consistent part of my blogging.  It’s my lifesaver, it brings me back and keeps me focused.  This is how it all started!

I was so judgmental of other bloggers who orphaned someone, who couldn’t post on time.  I mean really, you just don’t leave people hanging!  For me especially, with 22 years in the military, you can just imagine how goal/deadline focused I can be. There’s been more than once when I’ve stepped up and covered last minute to prevent this very thing!


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