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Carrot Top Asian Gremolata (pesto/chimichurri)

Usually a dish just names itself but I’m afraid that this little condiment/sauce suffers from an identity crisis.  It looks like gremolata/pesto/chimichurri, it possesses some of the elements of all. However it is not of […]

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Pulled Pork Teriyaki Bowl

We just had a Teriyaki Madness chain open up here in Great Falls and everyone loves it! I have to say I thought it was pretty decent myself.  However, I’m a do it yourself gal […]

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Coffee and Hibiscus Ribs

I’ve turned into such an inconsistent blogger, my life has been railroaded with a platter full of work and activities.  After retiring from the Air Force I was trying to find my way, I loved […]

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Triple Truffled Deviled Eggs

I have never ever seen an episode of Mad Men. It’s true. It’s on my list, but lately I just don’t have time to watch T.V., case in point I have chopped recorded and haven’t […]

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Maryland Fried Chicken

I’ve had some cooking nemesis in my day, you know the dishes that you just can’t seem to get right? For many years I struggles with making a good flour based gravy, it is simple […]

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Pressure Cooker {Venison or Beef} Enchiladas

Why did I ever buy canned enchilada sauce? And how come no one ever told me that making your own enchilada sauce was so easy? Doesn’t anyone love me? Don’t you think I had a […]

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Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich

Did everyone remember to spring ahead?  I certainly did not which only makes springing forward that much more difficult to adjust to.  Falling back is easy, nothing like feeling like you have a bonus hour.  […]

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DIY: Organic 3-Ingredient Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Two weeks ago I was assigned Mangia! For my Secret Recipe club assignment. I mentioned that a couple of things caught my eye. One in particular was Chelsy’s 3-Ingredient Coconut Body Scrub. I didn’t make it […]

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Buttery {Food Processor} Buttermilk Biscuits

Some things have become a quest for me, perfect mac-n-cheese, the best pie crust and a buttery yet light biscuit.  It seems that I goof around with recipes, tweaking them here and there hoping to hit […]

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16 uses for Cilantro Pesto with Essential Oils

Life is full of lessons.  Some lessons are good and some are bad.  Sometimes the bad ends up being for the best because you make the best out of a bad situation.  Despite careful planning, […]

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